Before getting involved in the formal study of a musical instrument, a child should have experienced and realized in his physical and emotional bodies,  all of the concepts and ingredients that are involved in the actual performance of music.  These factors should be accessed in a manner which is totally playful and creative.

     During my more than thirty years as a teacher and lecturer in public schools and colleges, as well as in my own studio, I've developed an eclectic approach to the teaching of piano which incorporates elements of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Orff - Schulwerk, Kodaly and Suzuki methods, as well a multitude of my own ideas, which have produced amazing results over the years.

      Some of the facets of the work include the mastery of concepts such as High, Low, Fast, Slow, Up, Down, Soft, Loud, Backwards, Forwards, Right, Left, In, Out, Connected, Detached, and countless others.  I strive to incorporate singing, moving, listening, playing, and always, creating, into every activity. The child identifies with the element under consideration, by being the element.

      I work with individual students, as well as groups, always allowing my methodology to be shaped by the needs and personalities of the particular pupil.  Following a spiral curriculum, each new teaching point is added to the ones which preceded it.​​​

Herbert Rothgarber​,

Teacher of Piano and Composition
   At the Carousel of Learning,   Freeport,  L.I.
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Awakening   Musical Creativity

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