Another Place, Another Time (all genres)​
Prisms (violin and piano)​

Musical Compositions by Herbert Rothgarber


Piano Solos
Lullaby For a Young Chieftain
Drums (level 2) pno 00:02:00 1997
And Away We Go pno (level 3) 00:02:00 1997
Pedro And Lolita pno (level1) 00:01:00 1997
Los Toritos (level 2) pno 00:02:00 19
Spottie And Me
Let’s Boogie
On A Dark Night
The Cave of the Winds (level 4 )pno 00:02:00 1997
The Lost City (level 4) pno 00:02:00 1997
Russia, Russia
Rolling River
An Aardvarck’s Lament
To Ride A Dolphin
Ripples On the Lake
Adventures of Huckelberry Finn
Tales of King Arthur
Six Short Pieces For Piano (Prelude, High On A Windy Hill, To Be Carefree, Why? Moon Magic, Dance of Creation.) pno 00:11:00 1962
Perchance To Dream
Sonata For Piano (3 mvts.) pno 00:20:00 1997
Sonata in D pno 00:20:00 1991
Blare (Jazz Toccata) pno 00:06:00 1971
Frolic For Piano pno 00:07  2013
Piano Fantasy (Sketches Of Brownie) pno 00:07  2014​

​Piano Duet

Night Passage pno 00:04:00 2004
Where Do You Go When You Close Your Eyes?  3 pianists. 00:03:00 2003

Two Pianos
Celebration Two pnos 00:05:00, 2010

Violin - unaccompanied
Thumbelina’s Offering (from Dream Of A Mid-Summer’s Night)
vn solo 00:04:00, 2010

Violin Duet​
Autumn Muse 00:04:28,  2014

Violin and Piano

Capriccio (Remembrances) vn – pno 00:06:00, 2004
Divertimento vn -pno 00:06:00,2005

Tapestry Suite for violin and Piano (Adrift, In The Stillness, Whirling, Another Place Another Time, Earth Song) vn -pn 00:12:00, 2000
Wayfarer Fantasy Suite for Violin and Piano
(Over Briny Seas, Through Sleepless City Streets,Places Stark and Wild, That Far-Away Uncharted Realm, In the Merry Countryside)
vn and pn 00:12:00, 2007


Bedazzled   00:05:21     2014​

​​Cello and Piano

Sky Goddess  00:04:19  2014​

​Double Bass

Facades (level 5) (Looking Inward, Looking Outward) db 00:03:00 2001
I Am The Flame 

​Bass Clarinet

To Reach (Soliloquy ​For Bass Clarinet)     00:03:14   2014

​​String Trio

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano  two mvts. vln vc pno 00:06:00 200

Viola and Piano
Sonata for Viola and Piano 1 mvt.

String Quartet
Home In April (Amanda Newcomer) 2 vlns va vc and narrator
String Quartet (3 mvts) 2 vln vla vc 00:20:00 2000
String Quartet No. 2 2vln vla vc 00:14:00 2006

String Orchestra
Invocation to the Fire God Vlns vlas vcs dbs 00:04:00 2001

Clarinet unaccompanied
Dreamscape cl 00:04:00 2004

Clarinet Quintet
 (v1, v2, va, vc, cl)
Transitions     00:05:21      2014

​Chamber Orchestra (flute, oboe, cl, bsn. 1 and 2, trum. 1 and 2, F horn 1 and 2v1, v2, va, vc, b, piano, timp.
In The Springtime  00: 04:42   2014​

​Flute and Piano
Where Shadows Waltzed fl pno 00:02:00 2002

Oboe and Piano
Who Has Seen The Wind?

Bassoon and Piano
Interplay for Bassoon and Piano bsn pno 00:03:00 1977

​Trio for Flute, Viola and Double Bass

Four Vignettes  (On a Hazy Summer Morning, Frivolous Antics, Night Is For Dreaming, Samba Fever)  00:13:40   2014​

​Triio for Flute, Cello and Double Bass

Where the Gods Played​       00:05:59      2014

​Trio for Bassoon, Trombone and String Bass   
Fanfare, Celebration and Postlude bn tbn b 00:04:00 2008

Trio for Clarinet, Oboe and Piano
Three Miniatures for Clarinet, Oboe and Piano (3 mvts.) cl. ob. pno 00:08:00 1994

Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (4 mvts.) fl, cl, pno 00:20:00 1976

Saxophone Quartet
When We Were Young ssx asx tsx barsx 00:06:00 2002

Woodwind Quintet
Serenade (Three Points of View on a Single Subject) 3 mvts. fl ob cl hn bsn 00:12:00 2003

Trumpet and Piano
The Trumpet Shall Sound (2 mvts) tpt pno 00:08:00 1983

Tuba and Piano
Dialogue for Tuba and Piano tba pno 00:08:00 1970

Two Trumpets and Two Euphoniums
Bullfrogs 2 tpts, 2 euph. 00:03:00 1974

Brass Trio
Trio 2 Bb tpts and tba’ for 2 tpts, tba 00:06:00 1971

Brass Quintet
A Frolic 2 tpts, hn, tbn, tba 00:05:00 2000


Solos for Soprano Voice and Piano
Three Songs (from Starr Sackstein’s “Philosphical Insomnia”) S pno 00:05:00 2005

It Is For This That I Was Born (from the opera, “Joan”) –words by Deslie Schwartz

Life Is Fine – poem by Langston Hughes

Three Songs (poems by Emily Dickenson – “I’m Nobody, If I Could Stop One Heart From Breaking, Will There Really Be A Morning”) S pno 00:04:00 200

Solo for soprano voice with piano and flute accompaniment
Wynken, Blynken and Nod - 00:02:00 1978

Alto Voice and Piano
Cross - poem by Langston Hughes. 00:04:00, 2010

Tenor Voice and Piano
I Remember Brownsville
Lost Light – poems by Michael Joseph
The Road Not Taken - poem by Robert Frost t 00:02:00 1999

Choral Music
Awakening (The Furies; I Saw a Light, I Heard a sound; Come,There’s a Place for You and me. SATB Choir 00:12:00 1979
By The Waters Of Babylon - SSATTB - 00:06:18  2014

​Solo Soprano with Choral Background

One Wave – from the opera “Joan.” – words by Deslie Schwartz

Musical Theater
Romance  - SATB -piano 00:45:00, 2008

Judge Judy:The Musical (chamber opera) for SATB -pno 00:10:00, 2008

Works For Young Performers
Alec In T.V. Land (children’s musical) 00:40:00 1974

Celebration (Cantata for young voices) svs recs percs 00:20:00 1973

Headlines (children’s musical )svs recs percs piano 00:40:00 1970

Help Us (operetta for young voices) svs pno 00:40:00 1975
00:11:00 2005

I Can Fly (cantata for young voices) svs recs percs pno 00:20:00 1983

Nancy Hanks (Benet) svs recs percs pno 00:05:00 1995

Off To The Moon (children’s musical)svs pno 00:30:00 1960

The Magic Yo-Yo (opera for young voices) svs 01:20:00 1962

The Secret of Singing Mountain (opera for young voices) svs pno 02:00:00 1996

The Trial of Pinocchio (operetta for young voices) svs recs percs piano 00:40:00 1972

The Audition

Those High School Years 

​​Friends Forever

Instructional Material

Sing, Clap and Play - Recorder method with Orff Instruments

“Here Is Your Recorder,” said Captain McSnorter – Recorder method

The Drunken Sailor – for Voices, Recorders and Orff instruments

Emsemble Recorder Bk.2

Rhyme Me A Rhyme – Voices, Recorders and Orff Instruments